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About us

Love Anarchy is a grassroots entertainment company from the United Kingdom founded by British Composer & Producer William J. Rogers. It is home to Love Anarchy Records & the LovAnaverse Music Universe.

Love Anarchy Records is our in-house record label, made up of two subsidiaries, LovAnaverse Records & LA Earth. The former exclusively distributes artists from the LovAnaverse Music Universe, whilst the latter extends our resources towards supporting independent artists.

The LovAnaverse music universe is a sci-fantasy experience complete with it’s own worlds, lore & music. A fictional setting home to a wide array of concept artists, each with their own unique sound and story to tell… Think of it like the Marvel Universe, but with rockstars instead of superheroes.


How It All Began: The Story of Love Anarchy


Yarimā - The Strings of Fate (Album)

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Yarimā - Yarimā (EP)