E1: Introduction to the Podcast, Love Anarchy & William J. Rogers

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Below you can find the full video podcast episode from our YouTube channel. To listen on all other platforms, click here.

In this first episode of Creating A Universe, I give you an introduction to the Podcast, setting the precedent for what’s to be expected on the show.
Whilst we will usually be having guests on, I thought to kick things off with a solo episode that will give you more context about who I am and what we do at Love Anarchy.
Mostly I am just telling you about my personal story & journey so far.
If you’re interested, there’s a blog post on our website that takes this topic into further depth. You can check it out here.
For all other Love Anarchy links including socials, music, blog & services – go here.
00:33 Introduction & Synopsis
00:55 What this podcast is about
04:07 Love Anarchy & the LovAnaverse
05:55 How I got into music
07:28 Touching on influences
08:35 Personal issues & struggles in life
09:50 The ultimatum I was faced with
10:20 Flavour Nurse – my main band
12:03 Realising the importance of business as a musician
13:20 Founding Love Anarchy
14:15 Networking at gigs
15:08 Becoming Gaius Black
17:25 Love Anarchy movement & community
18:57 Obstacles & re-evaluations
20:24 Taking charge & moving forwards
21:23 Early LovAnaverse + Grundle Bumfist
24:10 Burning out, resetting myself & rekindling inspiration
26:03 Going all in on LovAnaverse
28:45 Retiring from the stage
29:10 Meeting my wife, Maria
30:28 Becoming a producer
31:00 Supporting other bands & providing services
32:40 Lockdown & going full time on Love Anarchy
35:06 Recording & releasing the first LovAnaverse albums
36:50 What we’re able to do and who we’re looking to work with
40:04 The Death Metal Space Opera of Black Tongue Bile
41:23 What else can you expect + plans for the podcast
43:18 Closing sentiments
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